Windows Server 2003 not shutting down

Was remotely logged onto an old Windows SBS 2003 Server via RDP and installed some backup software.  A restart was required at the end of the install and I selected the option in the installer to restart.  Server did not restart.  After a few minutes I selected start > shutdown > restart.  Lost my RDP connection.

Pings from another server never stopped.  Could not RDP back onto the server.  Connected to services and event logs from another system and could see the server was still running and did not look to be shutting things down.  Left for a while and found not change.

From another server ran: shutdown /r /f /m \\servername

Received the message: A system shutdown is in progress. (1115)

Downloaded PSTools > extracted

From the other server ran: pskill \\servername winlogon

Pings from another server then stopped.  Server restarted and reported an unexpected shutdown, but at least I had gained access to the server again.